alessandra cenna




An Italian with fiery hair, a famous Venetian adornment, Alessandra Cenna has always been in love with freedom.


This insatiable desire for discovery led her to travel the world but also to let her mind wander in search of the beauties she loves to immortalize in her photos.


Original and sensitive, she plays with her creativity with tenderness to envelop each of her subjects in a free light on the surface.


From the mountain whose slopes she happily descends in winter and whose paths she climbs in the summer breeze, to the sea whose color of the waves never ceases to captivate her, passing by the flowery and green landscapes which accompany her country reveries, Alessandra Cenna has created a very personal universe to savor like her favorite fruit, a raspberry in the sun…


Deputy editor-in-chief of B-ALL  - The Be Art Luxury Love magazine, for several years, she has collaborated regularly with the world of luxury, fashion and travel.